What workout intensity can I reach with ISO Walking?

As intensity as you want. To increase the workout intensity level just increase any or all of the following: exercise duration, applied force or the number of exercise cycles.

Can ISO Walking be used for indoor training?

Yes. Just a few ideas: – You can successfully ISO Walk using “on-spot” walking (jogging). "On-spot" ISO Walking is good when you exercise at home (in the hotel, in the office, etc). We strongly recommend to use running shoes to reduce stess on your feet. -You can perfectly “ISO Walk” using Stepper machine. -If walking (jogging, running) is not possible at the moment, you can still train your upper body using the Exercise Device. Since isometric exercises are almost invisible, you can comfortably exercise in various situations – in the librarly, in the office, when you are using public transport, even when you are sitting at the meeting.

Is ISO Walking as good for weight loss as regular walking or jogging?

Yes, it is. ISO Walking "inherits" all weight loss advantages of regular walking / jogging.

Is any technical maintenance required?

Not really, just periodical washing. To disassemble the device: take off the steel rings that hold the two halves of each handle together (you may use a knife for that). Then wash the device with warm soupy water, rinse it, let it dry and reassemble. NOTE. If you want to disassemble the device fully, we suggest you to do it one handle at one time to prevent mistakes associated with putting it back together.

Many isometric upper body exercises can be done without any device! Do I really need to buy the Exercise Device for ISO Walking?

Yes, many isometric exercises can be done without exercise equipment at all (see "Dave Hubbard's 90 second isometric workout" video as an example). Such exercises are very good for the upper arms, shoulders, chest and upper back etc. However, all they are not enough effective for the forearms. Forearms muscles, in contrast to the most of other upper body muscles, work mainly in a "static" mode, are well adopted to this type of load (at the "genetic level") and, accordingly, are not very responsive to the isometric exercises. For instance, we can carry heavy bag for a long time and do not feel a big tiredness in forearms, at the same time only one minute of intensive hand gripper squeezing makes our forearms "burning". Thus, effective forearms muscles development definitely requires isotonic exercises (like resistive squeezing, bending, twisting etc). Offered Exercise Device implements resistive twisting motion (handles rotation) which is very effective exercise for the forearms development.