Let’s start with a famous quote by Hippocrates, “Walking is man’s best medicine”. This quote is proven true by the researchers and scientists, as it reduces and controls heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, bone density, and many more health issues. It’s time to walk and keep the body fit to meet your everyday needs perfectly!

How to Walk for Weight Loss and Maintain Fitness?

To stay fit, get moving! When walking is done at a moderate pace, it is of high impact, burns fat, increases your metabolism, and the best point is can be done anywhere. Walk is the most popular form of exercise and a huge percentage of the worldwide population - adopted it to maintain fitness.
On being bored with your regular walking regime, experiment your workout with new ideas and test your limits, to cutoff weight.

Nordic Walking: An easy way of keeping your body fit with a pair of Nordic walking poles, walking clothes and shoes. It has a simple phenomenon, the pole harness upper body’s power to propel you walk forward. This simply turns a walk to whole body exercise, improving body fitness, loss of weight and toned weight.

ISO Walking: This is the newest and most effective form of workout, where walking or jogging is combined with arm exercises. This combination is a balanced workout for all parts of the body, starting from the mind to the feet. ISO walking is a time saving process too, as no separate arm work is required. This walking is accomplished by the help of a “one pound – ISO walking exercise device”. This device includes modern biomechanical principles for comfort, hard-work, stability, and control.

Hence, the problems related to weight loss and fitness is being easily resolved with a simple solution called ISO Walking. Time to get moving with the advanced technology and one of the best examples is the revolutionized ISO Walking workout adoption.