Importance of walking for weight loss and health

Walking is the most beneficial and healthy exercise for a human body. It’s a most common practice around the world for people for their body muscles, fitness and daily health activities. Medical researches has sort out many advantages of regular walking. Overweight is the most problematic issue faced by the people in different countries and the most familiar and routine exercise which is followed by the people around the globe is walking for weight loss and healthy fitness but its benefits are only for those who make their practice consistently. There are several techniques and methods of walking for different parts of muscles of the body.

Methods and Benefits of walking for weight loss

Fitness clubs, Gyms and other body fitness institutions highly recommend their tips for healthy life. Weight loss is one of the major concerns which led people to start regular walking. Too much Fat increases the weight of body which reduces the productivity and makes a person slack. So, muscles, Bones and heart are common effected areas of body due to overweight.

Below mentioned are different methods of walking commonly practiced for daily health activities.



Stroll is a slower pace walking method which is enjoyed as a leisure activity. It is practiced with small steps which help to inhale fresh air, surroundings and to operate your body with a more balanced level. A consistent routine can improve cardiovascular system, improved blood circulation, burns calories and balance heartbeat. Some researchers conclude that strolling does not have significant results as compared to other methods but, a 30 minutes of continuous strolling can burn up to 80-100 calories.

Brisk walk

Brisk is a quick and a speedy walking method which is more powerful and helpful for health. It’s somehow fast as compared to normal walking calculating into steps per minutes, approximately 100 steps per minutes. A primary objective achieved from brisk walk is weight loss and removal of excess fat in your body as it can burn more than 200 calories an hour. Brisk Walking after meal helps in food digestion and maintaining blood sugar level. Also it plays a vital part in preventing stomach problems, heart disease, diabetes and muscle pain. It improves blood circulation, relieve stress, stronger your bones and muscles. It is highly recommended for daily life for adults in order to maintain and balance their body weight. One can become smarter with regular brisk walk routine.

Power Walks

Power Walking is quicker method and it’s a faster mode of brisk walking. It’s a part of aerobic exercise just like running, swimming, cycling etc. It differs from jogging, running as a foot must be in contact with ground in during walking. Using of arms movement to push your body forward to take long strides and more effort to move ahead.  Benefits associated with this method are almost same as it helps in weight loss and fat reduction from the body. It can burn more than 400 calories per hour. It controls blood glucose levels, make muscles stronger, Strong immune system, Reduce stress. It’s an effective way to manage your weight. It helps in raising good cholesterol levels and decreases bad cholesterol levels. It lowers high blood pressure and lowers the risk of illness.

There are few important tips and techniques which are essential to understand before walking.

Besides weight loss, there are several other benefits associated with walking. Since it affects the whole body so one should be very careful regarding body posture, pace, ground surface and angle of different parts of body.

Posture :

Good walking have a good posture, its the first step when you start walking. Good posture helps you to engage your core muscles, take full breath and use your legs in a natural stride.  Wrong posture causes muscle pains and aches after walking. So whenever you start walking , take little time to set your posture . Put your feet together and stand up straight, focus ahead and follow your eyes forwards towards your track. Chin up parallel to ground, avoid your neck downwards towards the ground as it can will lead to neck strain. Do not lean back or forward.

Arm Motion :

Your arm motion helps you more frequent in weight loss. It accelerates your walking and make a combination with your legs. When you step forward, your opposite arm and leg will move straight  forward. When you step back, your opposite arm and leg will move straight backward. Remember that it should be straight movement while walking. Keep elbows close to your body.

Good posture keeps muscle and bones correct.

Track your progress :

Whatever time you spend daily in walking, You need to make assessment of your results and measure your progress. If you have been doing in for months and you do not measure the outcome you achieved from walking, it will not motivate you as much as if you have measured the result. Result measure can be easily, make a chart and mention daily time you spend walking , measure the weight loss during a months . If you are able to note down the time and weight reduced, you are going to measure your progress easily whats going on here.

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