Points Regarding Walking vs. Running for Weight Loss

For losing weight without any obstacle, walking or running is the most appropriate method. Walking is preferred by some while running by some, which leads to an argument on walking vs. running for weight loss. Well, the reply to this depends entirely upon one’s level of physical fitness and requirement.

So, to conclude which is the best method each method is to be looked into and the one suiting the best must be picked. Therefore, to take a valuable decision, essential information will be provided by a quick contrast between running and walking.

Walking for weight loss

Prior to making your own judgment, the pros and cons that walking has like other exercise activities, must be considered.

Walking pros:
  • The probability of getting injured while walking is quite low as it is a low effective exercise. On the other hand if you walk with our ISO walking device it can be much more effective without causing any injuries.
  • Before starting to run, the beginner walk for certain distance. Thus, running is just an extension of walking.
  • Approximately, 300-400 calories are burnt per hour while walking.
Walking cons:
    When the matter of burning stubborn fat arises walking is not that effective. ISO walking makes your walk more effective to burn stubborn fat and shape your upper body with its walking device.
Running for weight loss

On the other hand, in spite of having some downsides running is quite effective and offers more benefits.

Running pros:
  • For burning stubborn fat, running works well. The process of fat burning is based on the increasing of your heart rate by variable amount of time. You can successfully be in the fat burning zone by running.
  • 500 or more calories will be burnt in a moderate running speed for an hour.
  • Your metabolism level is boosted by running hence, burning calories at a faster rate even when at sleep.
Running cons:

Without having to pause for taking rest or a breath, the obese people can't resist the running activity for an enough span of time.

Thus, if you are concerned about the issue walking vs. running for weight loss, then you must have concluded that both are effective, but walking is more effective if our ISO walking device is made use of while walking.