Add Walking & Jogging in Routine for a Perfect Body

It’s not only you who hate to exercise. Still, in one thing you must be different from others and that is, rather than giving up on exercise try out wogging. Wogging is healthy, fun and is a great way to lose weight.

Wogging is the form of exercise combining the two exercises: walking and jogging. A lot of fat from your body is removed with wogging. Altogether, wogging makes you feel relaxed and firms your lines. Moreover, your lifespan is extended by many years when you carry on with wogging in a systematic and regular basis.

It has been observed that rather than walking there is no better workout for your body especially walking with a walking device in hand. ISO walking offers these devices to make your walk an effective one. It has been calculated that while walking you burn 260 calories per hour which is although pleasant but as effective as other exercises. When you jog, on the other hand, you burn 600 calories per hour. Jogging being monotonous, strenuous and highly effective can help your muscles and body gets toned up.

In short, both walking and jogging are pleasant and effective. Most of the dieters avoid jogging as it lacks fun. So, for these kinds of people wogging is the best option to burn calories.


Two ways of wogging are there:

  • Steady wog
  • The variable wog.

The steady wog walk somewhat resembles the walk of the race walkers. The leg motion of a race walker is used and then the arms are swing like that of a Nordic walker. Your entire body is involved and huge amount of calories are burnt.

While doing the variable wog the movement speed is altered immediately. You stroll, walk, jog and steady wog for sometimes in distribution. In this way, while enjoying you simultaneously get exercise for your body. While walking you can get hold of our ISO walking exercise device to strengthen and shape your upper body. The best part of walking and jogging is offered when it comes to wogging. Apart from shaping your body you burn major amount of fat and hence improving your body condition. Have you ever tried for wogging? If no, get out of your house with your sneakers put on and the ISO walking device in your hands, to check out wogging.